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St George Cathedral was started by many brave men and women who left their homes in Lebanon in search of a better life. Their offspring as well as the many people who have since then immigrated, converted, or moved to St George make up our Cathedral today. Many of our families are interrelated. This project will help us trace our parish’s family tree.

Please note: Not all of the information submitted will be used in the directory. The purpose of this directory is not to trace our individual family trees, but that of our parish. For this reason, some families will include more generations and information than others. The information that will be included in the final book is at the discretion of the Family Tree Project committee.

Please fill in as much information as you can and put it in the collection tray or give it to Dr. Ganim Howard. Please print clearly. If possible, please fill out this form online.

You will be shown the final page with your family’s information before we go to print.
Please write "(D)" after everyone who is deceased.
Please use official birth names and put nicknames in paranthesis (ex. Howard (Ray) Browne).
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