2020 Holy Week Offering

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Dear parishioner,

As we approach our Lord’s Resurrection, we are preparing ourselves to receive the blessings of Christ’s sacrifice by prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Our Church also prepares herself for Pascha through beautification and the offering of many items which are needed to both properly honor the Lord for His sacrifice (items such as flowers, palms, incense, etc.), and to bring us the blessings of His grace (things such as bread, oil, wine, etc.).

It has been the practice for millennia, both in the Jewish and Christian traditions, to bring offerings to God. This is a great way for you to participate directly in the services of Holy Week. Since our Church has very specific needs and long-standing relationships with vendors, we can accept your offerings in the form of monetary contributions to go towards liturgical items of your choosing.

By filling out this form with your offering, you will be making an offering to our Lord for the item(s) you check off both for yourself and for your loved ones on the list of names you provide, living and deceased, to be commemorated at the midnight Pascha Liturgy on the holy diskos.

May our risen Lord bless you and your families during this holiest time of the year.

Your unworthy father in Christ,
Fr. Joseph Hazar

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